Women Development


genderROSHNI is looking its programmatic approach in Gender Equality Frame Work.

  • Welfare
  • Access
  • Control
  • Empowerment


advoRoshni Organization has a firm belief on the importance of advocacy. And it is the vital key to make the development process sustainable.

In this context ROSHNI has launched the program through following components: –

  • Through Institutional Development.
  • Through Celebrating International Days.
  • Dissemination of information to lay the basis for the next, ROSHNI has established the following: –


awarenessROSHNI believes in the concept that Awareness is the base of development. So it leaves no opportunity. To participate or to arrange any sort of Awareness Raising programs, ROSHNI has conducted workshops on different issues in community and at Network level


meetingsCommunity organizations in the rural & urban areas organize their meetings regularly. Main purpose of the meetings is to initiate the need base activities and make the action planning & implement planned strategy. The meeting helped them to strengthen the institutions.