Human Rights

Implementation of Family Laws

familyROSHNI launched programme Implementation of family Laws with support of Shirkat Gah. In this programme initially Roshni trained 15 community activist about family law then these trainers organize community session regarding family laws and family matter. Total 1200 female has got benefits from this programme .


legalRoshni has developed legal Aid cell with in the organization. This cell is providing free legal aid to victim female. Court fees and other expenses bear Shirkat Gah. Four members from Roshni Organization has trained as a pera legal for mediation. These pera legal are providing assistance to families in family matters. Till 2014 Roshni has provided free legal aid to 23 female, and 5 cases are still in courts.


researROSHNI conducted research on implementation of family laws at union council level in two districts Multan & Muzaffar Garh. Process of union councils, , Nikah Methodoly of Nikah registrar. In this research Roshni also obtained feedback of community especially from female and victim have to face problems.


childRoshni organization is implementing CRC in Multan. Roshni is working in jail for improvement of jail atmosphere for little offenders. Roshni also provide free legal aid to children. One counseling centre has been established with support of SPARC