healThere has been growing recognition of the different health experiences and health care needs of women & men. In many parts of the world women suffer lack of equity in their access to health care; in the roles they are able to play as health worker and in their opportunities to influence the formulation of health policies.

ROSHNI is running primary health programs to fulfill the basic health needs of the community.



edROSHNI has started primary health programs to fulfill the basic health needs of the community. A health session is arranged in every month where professional specialized doctors deliver lecture to the community especially to women and impart health education on common diseases, family planning, & reproductive health with Support of PACKARD.


mobKeeping in view the primary health problem of the community, ROSHNI held free medical camps after 6 months to fulfill their initial health needs. In this connection, ROSHNI consults several pharmaceuticals and medicine distributors to donate medicines to ROSHNI to launch the health campaign. Moreover, specialized doctors as volunteer render their services and fully cooperated to conduct the medical camps


awareRoshni has close contact with District Govt. Roshni support district as well as Punjab Govt. in advocacy and awareness campaign against Polio, Hepatitis, and any other diseases and viruses


paimRoshni organization implemented PAIMAN project in 6 union councils of Multan with support/collaboration with MDF. 110 health committees formed at basti level. Religious leaders, politicians, Baradri heads are sensitized regarding female health. 100 % TT. Vaccination covered in target union councils.